Sources for pinholes and pinhole cameras (see web sites for other suppliers)

Call or write Eric and Nancy at
Pinhole Resource
Star Route 15. Box 1355
San Lorenzo, NM 88041
Phone (505) 536-9942

Highly recommend Eric's book "Pinhole Photography: Rediscovering a Historic Technique"

They have Pinhole cameras. I have bought the Zero 2000 [120 film] and am VERY happy with it. Easy to carry and 12 exposures to the roll in a format that is large enough to enlarge to 11x14 without much loss.

Retro Photographic
Has Foma and Efke [high silver, old formula] films and papers. Also pinhole cameras, studio equipment, books and technical guides.

Edmund Scientific
101 East Gloucester Pike
Barrington, NJ 08007-1380

(609) 547-8880
(609) 573-1379 fax

Customer Service
(609) 573-6260

General Product Information
(609) 573-6879

Edmund has pinholes, aperatures and video cameras

An EM supplier that has copper grids that work great as pinholes:

Electron Microscopy Sciences
Tel #: 215-412-8400 Fax #: 215-412-8450

See section of catalog with copper pinholes

Other Electron Microscope supply houses:

Ted Pella, Inc.
P.O. Box 492477
Redding, CA 96049-2477

SPI Supplies

PHONE: 1-(800)-2424- SPI
FAX: 1-(610)-436-5755
569 East Gay Street, West Chester, PA 19380
P.O. Box 656, West Chester, PA 19381-0656

Aperatures that might work well for pinholes can be found here.
I would recommend the platinum aperatures. The gold foil ones would be too fragile to handle in a camera situation.

Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. Inc.
Has surplus video cameras and pinhole video cameras real cheap! [less than $100]

Black foam core, Exacto knives, etc. can be had at art supply stores. Black tape from camera stores [$16/roll] or art supply stores [$5/roll].

Hobby supplies, check out:

Micro-Mark hobby supplies, small tools, etc.

finger drills
Rogers Drill bit set, #61-80

Be careful with Micro-Mark. Their stuff looks good on paper, but I was not always satisfied with the product delivered. Definitely do not order large quantities till you have checked out the product in question.

Orchard Supply Hardware and Home Depot both have shim stock. Get brass at 1-2 thousandths of an inch. [2 is easier to work with for the beginner, 1 will give a better hole with practice]. OSH has decided recently NOT to carry shim material, but ask, they may still have some left.

Another source of thin metal is soft drink cans, approximately 0.004" thick. Has the advantage of always being around.

4x5 and 8x10 Cameras

Check out Bender Photographic. They have 4x5 and 8x10 kits for $279 and $379 respectively. I have made the 4x5 and it would work great for pinhole and zoneplate work. [so would the 8x10 I suspect]. As some single focal length pinhole cameras can cost as much, why not put together a pinhole camera with interchangable "lenses"? They also sell film holders for above.

They also have a multi-focal length pinhole camera kit for only $69.95. This is not plywood, but real hardwood. Looks like an excellent camera kit.

Freestyle Cameras has a pinhole camera page also.

Do not overlook "hot glue". VERY fast way of assembling 4x5 and smaller cameras. Probably not strong enough for the larger, 5x7 and above formats without thought to internal structural supports.