How it works - Closeup

~ Single Pinhole ~

Fundamental Law: Light travels in a straight line

Our "normal" pinhole camera makes an image of a set size based on the size of the box and the distance to the object. This comes from following the light rays through the pinhole to the film at the back of our light tight box. [see Basic]

We can enlarge the image one of two ways:

By making the box longer, we form a telephoto camera which enlarges the image.
This requires a new box to achieve.

By moving the box closer to the object we can also enlarge the image to the same size as the telephoto image.

The diference between using a new telephoto pinhole box and moving your current one closer can be interesting and is worth investigating.
[Hint: note the angle of the image going through the pinhole and how it is different in the two images.]
[A wide angle camera is still a wide angle camera]

IF we use the wide angle camera from the last page we can get a closeup image from an extreme angle:

All three cameras produce the same size image, but the angle relationships to each part of the image are very different.