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35mm and any other camera with removable lens:

a) Remove lens and tape pinhole over opening

b) You can add cardboard or plastic pipe "extension" tubes if necessary.

Or you can drill a quarter inch hole in a plastic body cap and tape the pinhole over this. Has the advantage of being easily interchangable with "lenses".

There are also commercially available body caps with the pinhole already in place.

Oatmeal boxes and other "found" objects:

a) Only one piece of film/paper at a time.

b) Make sure it is light tight. A good way to do this is to paint interior flat black.
Remember to make the plastic lid opaque too.

c) Use black opaque tape to seal edges where box is opened

d) You can produce the most "bizarre" images, because of the shape of the film plane. [not flat!]

e) The oatmeal box does not look like a camera (candids, etc.)

Paint Cans - most hardware stores have these for $1-2 for the qt. size..

A one quart can will hold a piece of film or paper up to 4x10 inches. Use MATT or PEARL paper, GLOSSY causes strange vertical reflections. A #80 drill will produce the sharpest images on a one quart can. Paint the inside and bottom of the lid with flatblack paint. Use a large washer or quarter to undo the lid afterwards. Make sure the pinhole itself is clean. Easy to get paint, etc. into the pinhole.

Pinholgas - 120 film pinhole camera made from a Holga plastic camera (working on this page)

4x5 see also Foam Core 4x5

a) This is one of the most universal film formats, lots of film types available, including Polaroid (Fuji still make film pack films).

b) It can be made from a variety of materials from foam core to wood to plastic to metal.

c) It allows for more than one image to be taken by using removable film backs and film holders.

d) You can adapt a "real" 4x5 camera easily by removing lens and adding a pinhole to a lens board. Of course, this can also be done with other sheet film cameras from 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 to as large as you have!

None of the above is useful if you have not made your PINHOLE


Chris Patton, cpatton@stanford.edu